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Wait. What? I thought this blog was for writing books.

Many authors don’t start writing as authors. They are journalists, PR specialists, publicity agents, bloggers or whatever.

Writing is writing and if you can write for WWE you can write a book, so follow along with me.

If you’re a fan of professional wrestling, then you may have dreamt of writing for WWE. The good news is that it’s not impossible to make that dream a reality. WWE employs a team of writers who are responsible for crafting storylines, developing characters, and scripting promos.

In this article, we’ll explore what it takes to write for WWE and how you can increase your chances of landing a job with the company.

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that writing for WWE is a highly competitive field. The company receives countless applications from aspiring writers every year, so you’ll need to stand out from the crowd if you want to be considered.

This means having a strong writing portfolio, a deep understanding of WWE’s product and audience, and a willingness to work hard and learn from experienced writers. In the following paragraphs, we’ll delve into each of these areas in more detail, so you can begin your journey towards becoming a WWE writer.

Understanding WWE

Write for WWE Guide

History of WWE

WWE, also known as World Wrestling Entertainment, is a leading entertainment company that specializes in professional wrestling. It was founded in 1952 by Jess McMahon and Toots Mondt and has since grown into a global phenomenon. Today, WWE is known for its high-energy, action-packed events that feature some of the world’s most talented wrestlers.

WWE Network and Platforms

WWE has a wide range of platforms that it uses to reach its audience. One of the most popular is the WWE Network, which is a subscription-based streaming service that offers access to live events, original programming, and a vast archive of classic matches. WWE also has a strong presence on social media platforms like Twitter and YouTube, where it shares highlights and behind-the-scenes content.

Role of Superstars and Divas

The superstars and divas of WWE are the heart and soul of the company. These talented performers are responsible for entertaining audiences around the world with their incredible athleticism, charisma, and showmanship. They are the ones who put their bodies on the line every night to deliver unforgettable performances that keep fans coming back for more.

In conclusion, understanding the history of WWE, its various platforms, and the role of its superstars and divas is essential for anyone interested in writing for the company. With a deep understanding of these key elements, aspiring writers can create engaging and informative content that resonates with WWE’s passionate fan base.

Dream Job in WWE

Write for WWE Guide

Working for WWE is a dream job for many people who are passionate about wrestling and entertainment. WWE is one of the most popular and successful sports entertainment companies in the world, and there are many job opportunities available for those who want to work for the company.

Job Opportunities

WWE offers a wide range of job opportunities for people with different skills and interests. Some of the most popular job positions include writers, producers, talent relations, marketing, and social media. WWE also hires people for technical positions such as cameramen, sound engineers, and lighting technicians.

The job market for WWE is highly competitive, and the company looks for candidates who have a passion for wrestling and entertainment. Candidates who have experience in the entertainment industry and a strong work ethic are highly valued by the company.

Benefits and Impact

Working for WWE has many benefits, including a competitive salary, health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off. Employees also have the opportunity to travel around the world and work with some of the biggest stars in the entertainment industry.

Working for WWE can also have a significant impact on a person’s career. WWE is a well-respected company in the entertainment industry, and having WWE on a resume can open up many doors for future job opportunities. WWE also provides its employees with training and development programs to help them grow and advance in their careers.

In conclusion, working for WWE is a dream job for many people who are passionate about wrestling and entertainment. WWE offers a wide range of job opportunities for people with different skills and interests, and working for the company can have a significant impact on a person’s career.

Skills and Qualifications

Write for WWE Guide

Education and Experience

To write for WWE, a candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in journalism, communications, or a related field. A degree in English or creative writing may also be considered. Candidates with a background in sports journalism or experience writing for a sports-related publication are preferred.

In addition to formal education, experience in writing for a publication, website, or blog is essential. Candidates must have a portfolio of published work that demonstrates their ability to write engaging content, preferably related to sports or entertainment.

Skills Required

To be successful in writing for WWE, candidates must possess strong writing skills, including the ability to write in a conversational tone and engage readers. They must be able to write quickly and accurately, meeting tight deadlines without sacrificing quality.

In addition to writing skills, candidates must have a good understanding of WWE’s brand and audience. They should be familiar with WWE’s history, current storylines, and the personalities of its wrestlers. They must be able to write content that is informative, entertaining, and consistent with WWE’s brand.

Candidates should also have strong communication skills, as they will be working with editors, producers, and other members of the creative team. They must be able to take direction and work collaboratively to produce high-quality content.

Finally, candidates must have the drive and determination to succeed in a highly competitive industry. They must be willing to put in the effort required to produce top-quality content and be willing to learn and adapt to new challenges and opportunities.

Application Process

To land a writing job with WWE, applicants must go through a rigorous application process. The process involves creating an effective resume, writing a cover letter, and applying for internship opportunities.

Creating an Effective Resume

A well-crafted resume is essential to getting noticed by WWE. It should highlight the applicant’s writing experience, education, and any relevant skills. Applicants should also include any published works or writing samples that demonstrate their ability to write for a wide audience.

When formatting a resume, applicants should use a clean and professional design, with clear headings and bullet points to make it easy to read. They should also tailor their resume to the specific job they are applying for, highlighting their relevant experience and skills.

Writing a Cover Letter

A cover letter is an important part of the application process, as it gives applicants the opportunity to showcase their personality and passion for WWE. The letter should be concise and engaging, highlighting the applicant’s relevant experience and why they are the right fit for the job.

When writing a cover letter, applicants should research the company and the specific job they are applying for, and tailor their letter accordingly. They should also proofread their letter carefully, ensuring that it is free of errors and that their tone is professional and enthusiastic.

Internship Opportunities

Interning with WWE can be a great way to get a foot in the door and gain valuable experience in the industry. WWE offers a variety of internship opportunities, including writing positions.

To apply for an internship with WWE, applicants should research the available positions and requirements, and submit a resume and cover letter. They should also be prepared to demonstrate their writing skills and passion for WWE during the interview process.

Overall, the application process for writing jobs with WWE is competitive, but with a well-crafted resume, engaging cover letter, and a willingness to gain experience through internships, applicants can increase their chances of landing their dream job.

Write for WWE Guide

Passion and Commitment

To write for WWE, one must have a deep passion for professional wrestling and a strong commitment to the craft of writing. Writing for WWE requires a unique set of skills and a dedication to excellence that only comes from a true love of the sport.

Those who aspire to write for WWE must be willing to put in the time and effort to hone their craft. They must be willing to learn the ins and outs of the wrestling industry, including its history, its stars, and its fans. They must also be willing to put in the hours needed to develop their writing skills, including studying the art of storytelling, character development, and pacing.

In addition to passion and commitment, writers for WWE must also possess a deep care for the fans and the sport itself. They must understand the importance of connecting with the audience and creating compelling storylines that keep fans engaged and coming back for more.

Finally, writers for WWE must be comfortable with competition. The wrestling industry is highly competitive, and only the best and most dedicated writers will succeed. Those who are willing to put in the hard work and dedication required to succeed in this industry will find that writing for WWE can be a dream job come true.

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